GP Filters – Air & Gas


Improve plant production and minimize maintenance costs for sensitive air and gas handling systems

Contamination of steam can dramatically increase maintenance costs and even shut your process or plant down. R.P. Adams gas filters prevent clogging and friction wear caused by dirt, rust, pipe scale, solid contaminants such as particles of packing and gasket materials, lubricants and boiler feed water additives.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Two-step separation process
  • Sizes available from ½” to 6”, gas flow rate up to 6,900 SCFM
  • Nominal five micron filtration
  • Rugged design and construction provides long-term reliability
  • Inline connections, no moving parts, easy to install
  • Durable permanent element withstands repeated cleanings to extend tube life
  • Withstands operating temperatures up to 650 º F and pressures to 500 PSIG
  • Designed for, and can be certified to, ASME Code, Section VII, Division 1

The TR Series Air Filter—the predecessor to the GP Filters—were the very first product introduced by R.P. Adams in 1937. Some of them are still going strong! If you have a TR filter and need a replacement, please contact us.

Filter Features

Two-Step Separation Guarantees Maximum Filtration
Gas is directed in a tangential flow around the element and against the inside wall, providing centrifugal separation of larger particles and droplets. Contaminants are captured in patented vertical slots located on the filter’s side walls. A gas flow interrupter at the bottom of the unit improves draining efficiency and reduces condensate pick-up from liquid collected before the drain. The gas is then diffused through the Poro-Stone tube to achieve maximum filtration.

Rugged Construction
The Poro-Stone element and corrosion-resistant cast ductile iron filter body on sizes 1/2” to 3” withstand temperatures up to 650ºF. For sizes 4” and larger, a combination of fabricated carbon steel and cast iron is furnished. Units are available in stainless steel construction; sizes ½” to 1” are cast stainless steel and sizes 1½” to 6” are fabricated stainless steel.

Meeting Industry Standards
GP are designed for, and can be certified to meet the requirements of Section VIII, Division 1, of the ASME code.

Design Pressures to 500 PSIG
GP Filters are capable of handling pressures up to 500 PSIG. Standard units with design pressures of 150 PSIG and 300 PSIG are available from stock.

Inline Process Connections Easy Installation
Inlet and outlet connections are in line with process piping to simplify installation.

Element Features

Five Micron Filtration
The Poro-Stone element is capable of nominal five micron filtration, making it suitable for removal of cellular structures such as bacteria and slime.

Durable Tube Construction
Filter element is an aluminum oxide with silica bond inert ceramic structure which provides superior durability to handle the toughest applications. There are no moving parts. The Poro-Stone tube is directly attached to the filter cover which makes it easy to remove and replace the element.

Cleanable Filter Element
The Poro-Stone element can be cleaned and reused for years of effective filtration.

Guaranteed Protection
Unlike other filter cartridges, the Poro-Stone element will never collapse, even when plugged, to fully protect your process and processing equipment.


Protects Sensitive Instrumentation and Pneumatic Equipment
Prevents clogging and friction wear caused by dirt, pipe scale and entrained water or oil. Filters can be used at the point of use, or in the main process stream.

When near fog conditions are a problem, two GP filters in series can provide superior demisting and filtration

Arrester The GP filter can serve as an excellent flame arrester to protect expensive equipment.