3A Culinary Steam Filter

Both steam and compressed air are often used to transfer energy, and both are often generated at a central location within a facility. The energy generated is then typically distributed to various points-of-use throughout that facility. While there are distinct similarities between steam and compressed air, they each have their unique advantages for particular applications. Depending on the intended application, and whether or not contact is made with the final product itself, both mediums will require filtration to prevent contamination of processes.

Steam provides unique advantages in the transfer of energy a variety of industries. With the ability to hold a great deal of energy stored as heat in a given volume, steam gives up its heat energy at a constant temperature. This eliminates heat gradients associated with other forms of energy transfer. Steam also has a high rate of heat transfer, allowing for smaller heat transfer surface area.

R.P. Adams is now offering the 3A Culinary Steam Filter. Steam used in food processing is required to meet 3A Sanitary Standards and 3A Accepted Practices for Dairy and Food Processing applications. With the R.P. Adams 3A Culinary Steam Filter, steam can make direct contact with the final product.