Process Solutions

One of the unique benefits of working with R.P. Adams is our ability to create custom product packages to solve a variety of process problems. We can tailor our filtration and straining lines to your application, and we offer a product that can drastically improve efficiency for our heat transfer clients. Our advanced capabilities and high quality products set us apart from competitors. We encourage you to learn more about our hallmark process solutions.

Backwash Recovery

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers use a small amount of the process water for backwash. For systems where the small volume of water lost is a concern because replacement makeup water is scarce, or water treatment chemicals or sewer disposal costs are expensive, we offer a Backwash Recovery System that recovers most of the backwash water. The Backwash Recovery System separates the solids from the backwash, allowing most of the backwash liquid to be recycled back to the process.

Download: Bulletin 2006: R.P. Adams Save Backwash Recovery System

Backwash Assist Pump

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers normally require a minimum of 25 psig inlet operating pressure in order for the automatic backwash to function properly. For many applications with inlet pressure less than 25 PSIG, a backwash assist pump may be used in the backwash line to overcome the lack of sufficient pressure. Automatic strainers with backwash assist pumps are supplied with the pump motor controls included in the automatic strainer’s local control panel.

Manual Strainer Bypass

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers are designed for continuous operation with very little maintenance. For some installations, a bypass line is sufficient when the automatic strainer is out of service for periodic maintenance. But some systems require protection of downstream equipment 100% of the time. One cost effective solution is a simplex type manual basket strainer installed in parallel with the automatic strainer. R.P. Adams offers manual bypass strainer packages complete with manual basket strainer, butterfly isolation valves, and piping spools. Skid-mounting of the automatic strainer and manual bypass strainer package is also available.

Download: Bulletin 2009: MSB System

Step-Down Filtration

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers can be used for both coarse and fine straining. Equipped with fine straining elements they are often a cost effective solution for removal of solids from process water. In some cases the process water has a high solids loading that is too much for the fine media to handle in a single step. For these applications R.P. Adams offers step-down strainer packages consisting of two automatic strainers in series: A first stage coarse strainer followed by a second stage fine strainer.

Automatic backwash strainers are also used as a first stage coarse filter to reduce the solids loading ahead of a cartridge or other type of fine filter. This extends the operating life of the fine filter media, therefore reducing maintenance and operating expenses and waste disposal costs.

Economat Reheat System

If your plant has heat transfer products, you can benefit from our Economat Reheat System. The Economat Reheat System is able to improve efficiency in your plant. Read more about the Economat Reheat System.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Engineered packages featuring these products and more are available to our customers. If you are interested in utilizing any of our process solutions, or would like to speak to someone about a custom package, we encourage you to contact us today.