R.P. Adams designs and produces a variety of automatic and manual strainers. Our strainers are widely used for many applications in many industries. At R.P. Adams, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond just manufacturing your products. We collaborate with our customers and act as process consultants to ensure you are getting a solution for your unique application.

R.P. Adams patented Automatic Backwash Strainers are a rugged design that provides reliable, efficient, un-attended operation. Also called Automatic Backflush Filters, they remove suspended solids, dirt, and debris from many different water streams and process fluids.  The strainers work around the clock with minimal maintenance or operator attention. They provide cost effective continuous protection for downstream equipment, reducing maintenance and downtime for heat exchangers, spray systems, and process equipment.

In some cases, a manual strainer might be more appropriate. For those instances, R.P. offers many styles and types of industrial strainers, including both manual and automatic strainers. In addition to our automatic self-cleaning and manual filters, we also offer fine filtration products for liquids.

Interested in learning more about our industrial strainers? We encourage you to set up a meeting to discuss your application with our team. You can reach one of our dedicated sales staff at 716-877-2608 or you can fill out the form on our site and we will contact you as soon as possible.