Economat: Heat Recovery / Reheat System

A source of free heat for your plant


Adams Reheat Systems are custom packages specifically designed to add energy back into your compressed air system. This package is unique in the industry, utilizing the heat of compression to recover the lost gas volume and deliver clean, dry air without the need for an external energy source. Therefore, free heat is being provided to your compressed air process. The system is efficient enough to take the place of a refrigerated dryer. Typical dew points achieved range from as low as 35°F to 90°F pending on coolant inlet temperature. The system also reheats the compressed air to temperatures desired for your process.

Adams Reheat systems come in a variety of configurations. The Economat / Heat Recovery Systems are used with a single or multiple cooling source. When a refrigerant is available at the plant, such a ammonia refrigeration in a food processing facility, then the AKU Heat Recover System is recommended.

Benefits of a Reheat System

  • Provides gas dew points as low as 35°F
  • Offers dry, high temperature air for production or process
  • More economical than a refrigerated dryer
  • Minimal space required for installation
  • Dry, reheated air for your process
  • Produces more air volume for the same power consumption
  • Conserves cooling water — the reheat unit pre-cools the air prior to the Aftercooler, thereby reducing the cooling load on the aftercooler
  • No external power costs to reheat the air
  • Virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts or control mechanisms requiring annual labor
  • Elimination of condensate in the air distribution system and external line sweating

In a traditional arrangement including an aftercooler and a refrigerated dryer, up to twenty percent of the total compressed air energy can be lost when the air is cooled to condense and remove condensate in the stream. This is why many plants are turning to the R.P. Adams Reheat System

Factors Affecting a Reheat System Design

  • Air flow rate
  • Final dew point temperature desired
  • Desired reheated air temperature
  • Air pressure drop allowed through the system
  • Types of coolant available