SLB Aftercoolers

SLB Aftercooler provides consistent process control in less space

Adams Model SLB (Short Length Bare Tube) Aftercooler with integral Separator provides enhanced cooling and flow capabilities compared to conventional aftercoolers. As a result, you can realize significant cost savings, while meeting the demands of your application where space is at a minimum. In addition, Adams designs and manufactures the aftercooler and separator as an integrated system to certify performance, fit and quality.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Water cooled for consistent process control.
  • Increased cooling in less space.
  • Designed and certified to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1.
  • Removable tube bundle for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Rear floating tubesheet fully relieves stress effects of tube bundle thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Large rubber packing rings prevent leaks, and telltale vent ring alerts users of a failed packing ring.
  • Large water connections are utilized to reduce bundle entrance/exit velocities.


  • The smooth surface of a 3/8” diameter bare tube provides extended trouble-free service.
  • All units are equipped with standard inhibited admiralty tubes for enhanced protection against corrosive elements. Other materials are available, please contact our factory for more information.
  • Protects tubes during cyclic heating and cooling by accommodating thermal expansion and contraction. Removable bundle facilitates cleaning and inspection.
  • Non-metallic baffles provide generous tube support while minimizing the potential for tube cuts caused by pulsation or vibration.


  • Adams SLB Aftercoolers significantly decrease your dryer’s moisture load to help reduce energy costs. Aftercooler efficiencies often can be used to minimize the size of a new dryer, or restore the function of an existing unit.
  • SLB Aftercoolers can be used as trim coolers when existing heat exchangers cannot handle your specified cooling requirements.