SAR Aftercoolers

SAR Removable Bundle Aftercoolers efficiently cool compressed air or gas using corrosive or dirty coolants.


R.P. Adams Model SAR Aftercoolers are designed to effectively cool compressed air or gas when dirty or corrosive liquid coolant must be used, such as sea water, hard water, river water, etc. The compressed gas is on the shell side while the dirty or corrosive coolant flows in the tubes. By having the corrosive coolant in the tubes, exotic alloy materials used for corrosion protection are limited to the tubes, tubesheets, and bonnets, thereby keeping capital equipment costs to a minimum. In addition, this configuration allows accessibility to the coolant side for inspection and simplifies cleaning.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Cools compressed gas to within 10°F of the inlet coolant temperature. (For closer approach temperatures please contact R.P. Adams about DAR Aftercoolers.)
  • Coolant on the tubeside reduces the risk of fouling and keeps corrosive-resistant materials costs to a minimum.
  • Removable tube bundle allows for ease of inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Rear floating tubesheet eliminates stress effects of tube bundle thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Large rubber packing rings prevent leaks.
  • Tell-tale vent ring alerts users of a failed packing ring
  • Tube (coolant) side available with bonnet or channel ends.
  • Available with optional separator and support cradles for mounting.
  • Designed and certified to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I.
  • Standard 150 PSIG design pressure units are available for shipment from stock.

Standard SAR Aftercoolers can cool compressed gas to within 10°F of the inlet coolant temperature. Closer approach temperatures are attainable using the R.P. Adams DAR Aftercooler twin shell design, which uses two stacked single shell SAR units with interconnecting piping for the coolant side. For more information on the DAR, please contact R.P. Adams.


  • SAR Aftercoolers come in twenty standard sizes featuring admiralty tubes, a design pressure of 150 PSIG and a design temperature of 350°F. Custom units are available with higher design pressures and temperatures.
  • A bonnet head type is standard on all SAR aftercoolers. Channel heads are also available as an option and allow for easy in-place inspection and cleaning of the tubes without having to disconnect process piping.
  • The standard material of construction for the bonnet is cast iron for models up to 14” diameter SAR. Carbon steel is used for all larger models and for channel heads.
  • Other materials are available on request. In addition, a number of internal coatings can be used on these bonnets and channels.
  • All units are equipped with standard corrosion inhibited admiralty metal tubes for enhanced corrosion protection. Other available materials available, please consult our factory for more information.
  • Optional support cradles feature U-bolt design that simplifies installation without requiring welding to mount the cooler.
  • Optional moisture separator is available for all models.
  • Optional welded fixed cradles available on request


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