SAF Aftercoolers

Adams SAF Aftercooler sets the industry standard


Adams SAF aftercoolers incorporate highly efficient counter flow design, with air in the tubes and water in the shell. In this design, air can be made to more nearly approach cooling water temperature than in any other, thus assuring drier discharge air. SAF Aftercoolers are available in sizes to handle up to 50,000 cubic feet of air per minute at pressures to 1,000 PSIG.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Admiralty metal condenser tubes expanded in heavy duty tube sheets. Close fitting non-metallic baffles eliminate tube damage from air pulsation or vibration.
  • Full floating rear tube sheets permit bundle expansion without stress on tube joints.
  • Atmospheric vent rings sandwiched between two packing rings isolate air and water chambers, making this design virtually trouble-free.
  • Minimum press loss and uniform performance are achieved using 5/8” OD tubes
  • Either vertical or horizontal installation to suit requirements.
  • Mass production contributes to low cost and stock delivery.

Product Features

  • Admiralty tubes (other material upon request)
  • Removable tube bundle shell & tube heat exchanger includes:
    • 5/8” OD tubes
    • 129” long
  • TEMA Type AEW
  • Optional U-Bolt movable or welded fixed cradles available on request


Cooling to remove moisture from compressed air system