R.P. Adams sells its products to a large and varied domestic customer base as well as a growing international base. Our customers can be confident that our products, quality systems and manufacturing processes have undergone stringent testing and certification by industry-leading approval authorities.

R.P. Adams Buffalo, NY shop has:

  • ASME Code Section VIII U stamp
  • ASME Code Section VIII R stamp

R.P. Adams offers design and certification per international and industry requirements such as:

  • Canadian CRN
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • TEMA
  • Other international codes are also available, such as Brazil (NR-B), Australia (AS-1210), Malaysia (DOSH), Russia (GOST), and China (CML) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

R.P. Adams automatic water strainers are available per ASME Code Section III with N stamp.


R.P. Adams brings many advantages to our customers:

  • Engineering and Problem Solving Capabilities: R.P. Adams has experienced engineering staff, and we can assist you with:
    • Rebuilds, repairs
    • General engineering problem-solving
    • Engineering enhancements (turnkey, pre-wired and skid mounted systems)
  • Metals Expertise: Because of the work we do across heat transfer and filtration in a variety of markets, we have broader capabilities working with metals than many competitors. Ask us about our ability to customize equipment for you and solve challenges that other competitors cannot.
  • Speed: Since we do all of our design and production in one central location, we can prioritize your time-sensitive projects. If you have a time sensitive repair or need replacements quickly, we can help you.
  • Flexible and Responsive: At R.P. Adams we place a high value on customer satisfaction. We stand ready to help you throughout the sales, design and installation process for new Equipment. We also provide responsive support for existing equipment sometimes over 40 years old. Our engineers offer great expertise and are able to help with problem solving.
  • American Made: R.P. Adams designs and manufactures our products in Buffalo, New York. Ask us about how we can help you meet Buy American standards for your project.
  • Quality: R.P. Adams has an established reputation for designing and manufacturing quality products that have reliability unequaled in the industry. Our process equipment is made to handle demanding applications where others have been known to fail.