In the keeping with RP Adams slogan: “Innovators of Filtration and Heat Exchange Products” the RP Adams Engineering department uses state of the art flow simulation software integrated with three dimensional computer aided design. Our engineers are able to use these tools to eliminate assumptions relative to flow characteristics. This is a huge advantage when designing equipment with variable and complex flow characteristics.

RP Adams reputation has been built on being able to handle the most extreme and complex flow conditions. Our ability to analyze animated flow trajectories allows very accurate prediction of turbulence, pressure drop and other circulation issues. Our flow analysis can also be used in conjunction with thermal analysis, simulating convection, conduction, and radiation effects. Our engineering experience and ability to effectively use these tools to accurately simulate and predict fluid flow and heat transfer give RP Adams and advantage in problem solving and innovation.

Research and Development’s main focus is on testing and evaluating new improved products for our automatic strainers, filters and heat exchangers. Having ability to accurately evaluate flow patterns, velocities and particle tracing in a virtual world also allows us to efficiently optimize the performance of our current product offering.

Another benefit to our customers is RP Adam’s engineering capability to provide virtual analysis of their unique application. This capability streamlines troubleshooting processes and provides our sales and service technician’s accurate information on a timely basis. The people we have, combined with the tools they use helps us meet our goals to provide superior service and products to our customers. From application analysis, to quotation, to installation and start up. RP Adams continues to what it is necessary to ensure our customers reap the benefits our products provide.


Paul MacPherson

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