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I   Gas or Air-in-Tubes & Coolant-in-Shell side:

The most effective way to cool compressed air or gas by a shell & tube heat exchanger is to use a Gas or Air in the tubes Aftercooler. Air in the tube aftercoolers enable the coolant to 100% surround the air side heat transfer surface reducing the size of the vessel, cost, and foot print needed to reach the desired outlet temperature. Standard aftercooler designs are available in 150 & 300 PSIG design pressures.

Standard Material of Constructions:

- Admiralty Brass Tubes
- Carbon Steel Shell Assembly
- Brass or Carbon Steel Tubesheets
- Non-Metallic Baffles
  • SAF Aftercoolers

are a removable tube bundle shell & tube heat exchanger which include:

5/8” OD Tubes
129” long removable bundle.
  • SLB Aftercoolers

      are a removable tube bundle shell & tube heat exchanger which include: 

3/8” OD Tubes
72” long removable bundle.
  • SFT Aftercoolers

 are a fixed tubesheets bundle shell & tube heat exchanger which include:

3/8” OD Tubes
72” long fixed bundle.

II     Air or Gas-in-Shell side & Coolant-in-Tubes

Standard Designs are Available in 150 PSIG Design Pressure R.P. Adams AIR or GAS in shell aftercoolers are designed to effectively cool compressed air or gas when dirty or corrosive liquid coolant must be used, such as sea water, hard water, river water, etc. The advantages of this configuration is it simplifies inspection and cleaning of the tubes (due to the dirty/corrosive liquid coolant), and reduces the cost of needing exotic material to handle the corrosive coolant in the tube side. This arrangement creates optimum liquid tube-side velocities that provide superior heat transfer performance and greater resistance to fouling. 


Standard Material of Constructions:

- Admiralty Brass Tubes
- Carbon Steel Shell Assembly
- Brass or Carbon Steel Tubesheets
- Non Metallic Baffles with Stainless Steel Stayrods & Spacers
  • SAR Aftercoolers

Standard SAR Aftercoolers can cool compressed gas to within 10°F of the inlet coolant temperature. Aftercoolers come in twenty standard sizes with design pressures of 150 PSIG and a design temperature of 350°F. Custom units are available with higher design pressures and temperatures as well as different materials of construction.

5/8” OD Tubes
Removable bundle.
Variety of standard sizes

SAR Aftercooler Features / Benefits

  1. SAR is a single shell aftercooler designed to cool compressed air or gas to within 10ºF of the coolant inlet temperature.
  2. When a closer approach temperatures is needed then the DAR double shell aftercooler is used.
  3. SAR & DAR’s have the air in the shell, coolant in the tubes
  4. Straight tubes with reversing head for a two pass design
  5. 18” shell diameter and larger are offered with or without integral separator.
  6. Coolant on the tubeside reduces the risk of fouling and keeps corrosive-resistant materials costs to a minimum.
  7. Removable tube bundle allows for ease of inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
  8. Rear floating tubesheet eliminates stress effects of tube bundle thermal expansion and contraction.
  9. Large rubber packing rings prevent leaks.
  10. Tell-tale vent ring eliminates cross contamination of fluids.
  11. Tube (coolant) side available with bonnet or channel ends.
  12. Available with optional separator and support cradles for mounting.
  13. Optional support cradles are available removable or welded on the shell assembly. 
  14. Designed and certified to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1.
  15. Designed and manufactured by R.P. ADAMS, the standard of the Aftercooler industry for more than 60 years.


  • DAR Aftercoolers

are two (2) SAR coolers piped together to provide 2°F approach. They come standard at 150 PSIG design pressure coolers; higher design pressures are available upon request.






RP Adams makes a wide variety of aftercoolers to meet your needs.


(Visit our Heat Exchangers section for more information)



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