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Multi-Element Filter for Fine Filtration Applications

The R.P. Adams IWF Filter is a multi-element tubular filter designed to remove fine particulate from liquid process streams. Utilizing a filter aid precoat, it can remove particulate as fine as 0.3 micron with flow rates in excess of  2 gpm/ft2 of filter area. 

Inert, Rigid Media Prevents Contamination and Bypassing

R.P. Adams filters use Poro-Stone or Poro-Carbon filter elements. Poro-Stone elements are of porous aluminum oxide ceramic construction and the Poro-Carbon elements are constructed of durable porous carbon. Both elements are inert to most chemicals and provide consistent high purity effluent for a variety of process applications.  
The rigid nature of the elements provides reliable support of the precoat media even in the event of pressure or flow fluctuations assuring effluent quality. Other types of filters can flex due to changes in pressure or flow causing the filter media to crack, allowing contaminates to pass down-stream.
The rugged filter elements are designed to be cleaned in place by backwashing. Many installations have experienced element life of over 25 years reducing maintenance and operating costs. 

Simple, Reliable, and Efficient Operation

The R.P. Adams IWF filter provides a high level of filtration and reliability through a proven design. The filter has no internal moving parts reducing maintenance and operating costs. The filter backwash is operated by system pressure, or by compressed air, eliminating the need for clean water therefore reducing operating costs and the generation of wastewater. The backwash is highly effective and utilizes less than .05% of the filter throughput. 


Description of Operation

Precoat Cycle

The vessel is filled with clean water or process fluid to purge the filter and piping of air. The precoat slurry is then pumped into the vessel, through the filter element depositing the filter aid on the outside of the element, and then returned back to the precoat tank. This recirculation of the precoat slurry causes an even distribution of the filter aid on all the filter elements.
When the precoat cycle is complete the filter is ready to begin the filtration cycle.





 Filtration Cycle

The unfiltered process liquid enters through the inlet nozzle near the bottom of the vessel. The liquid moves upward to the filter elements flowing from the outside of the element inward. The contaminates are retained on the outside of the filter elements by the filter aid cake or precoat. During the filtration cycle a filter cake forms evenly on all the filter elements. The filtered liquid passes through the wall of the porous filter element and up the hollow center of the element through an opening in the tube sheet. The flow continues into the top head of the vessel and out the outlet nozzle.
     Some applications utilize a continuous feed of additional filter aid which is called body feed. This continuous addition of filter aid becomes part of the filter cake keeping it permeable thereby extending the filtration cycle length.
     The filtration cycle ends when a preset differential pressure is reached. 


Backwash Cycle

At the end of the filtration cycle the collected solids are removed by backwashing. The filtered process liquid in the filter is recovered by draining the liquid level to just above the tube sheet. All the process valves are closed and the space in the top portion of the vessel is filled with compressed air. At a pre-determined pressure the backwash valve is opened. This causes a quick release of air pressure, producing a vigorous instantaneous flow and high velocity reversal of flow back through the elements and out the backwash outlet. This effectively removes the collected solids and the vessel is now ready for the next precoat cycle.  




Automated Design and Operation

In order to ensure consistent product quality and reduce operator workload, the R.P. Adams IWF Filtration System can be fully automated. The filtration system can be designed for batch or continuous operation and furnished with state of the art electronic components and instrumentation to control, monitor, and optimize its’ operation and performance. After careful review of the process application, R.P. Adams engineering staff will design and program each system to meet your process needs and produce the highest quality product.


System Design & Engineering

R.P Adams has been designing and engineering filtration systems for more than 70 years. We can meet your filtration needs from process analysis, system design & engineering to equipment supply and start-up services. Based on years of experience, R.P. Adams will analyze your filtration requirements and provide a custom engineered and fabricated system to meet your process needs. This provides several important advantages, specifically;  the system will be custom designed to fit the physical requirements of your plant, the selection of materials, process equipment, instrumentation, and controls is specific to your process requirements; and the filtration system can be skid mounted with all the components thoroughly tested prior to shipment minimizing installation costs and time. Start-up assistance, operator training, and emergency field service by R.P. Adams engineers is also available at a moment’s notice.


Company Information

Adams SFC, inc. DBA R.P. Adams,
225 East Park Drive,
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Tel: (716) 877-2608
Fax: (716) 877-9385
Toll Free: 1-800 896-8869

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