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Automatic Strainers

Automatic Strainers





Pilot Test Strainers

R.P. Adams offers rental of a small automatic self-cleaning strainer for pilot testing. The pilot strainer rental program allows customers to test an automatic self-cleaning strainer in their process under actual operating conditions to evaluate and optimize the performance of the strainer.  Various strainer media can be supplied and evaluated to determine the element separation size that will provide the desired removal and backwash efficiency.
R.P. Adams also offers rental of a step-down straining system consisting of two automatic self-cleaning strainers skid-mounted in series for pilot testing. Step-down straining may be used when the process water has high solids loading which exceeds what fine straining media can handle in a single step. This pilot system allows customers to test various combinations of first stage (coarse) and second stage (fine) strainer media in their process under actual operating conditions. Various strainer media can be supplied and evaluated to determine the combination of media that will work best.



Strainer Startup

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers are supplied with a video (DVD) that summarizes installation, operation, and maintenance of the strainer. In addition, a startup visit by a R.P. Adams factory-trained local representative is included for most new strainers installed in the United States. The local representative will visit to review the installation, assist with start-up of the equipment, and explain operation and maintenance of the equipment to plant personnel. This service is not essential for proper installation and operation of the strainer, however it is a valuable benefit for plant personnel and installing contractors.
Download: GN-0016 (05/21/2010)

Tube Exchange

For most new installations the equipment and element slot size selection works very well. In some cases, however, the performance is not quite what is desired. It may be found that the slot size used at location A with good results does not perform as well at new location B. R.P. Adams offers a tube exchange program that alleviates the uncertainty associated with selection of the strainer media. The tube exchange program applies to automatic strainers sold with standard slot size 304 SS tubes. Within the first twelve months after shipment of the automatic strainer, the customer may purchase new strainer tubes with a different slot size and return the original strainer tubes for a variable credit: In the first three months after shipment the credit is 100% of the new tube price. In months four through twelve the credit is up to 75% of the new tube price.

Field Service

R.P. Adams offers field service of R.P. Adams equipment.  The service is carried out by factory personnel that are experienced in servicing and troubleshooting our automatic strainers. The technician can assist with routine maintenance and repair, and can offer recommendations to improve the overall installation and operation of the equipment.  Field service charges are normally billed per an hourly rate schedule including travel time portal to portal, plus travel expenses. Other billing arrangements may be available upon request.

Strainer Refurbishing

R.P. Adams automatic self-cleaning strainers have few moving parts and require very little maintenance. In most cases they can be serviced and normal wear parts can be replaced by plant personnel in a few hours. In some cases, however, after many years of service a more extensive overhaul may be needed, and refurbishing the strainer in lieu of replacing with a new unit may be beneficial.
Our strainer refurbishing program starts with an inspection at our factory, preparation of an inspection report, and submission of a proposal for the needed parts and repairs. The customer then decides how to proceed. A refurbished strainer is provided with a one year warranty, and often offers a substantial cost savings compared to replacement with a new unit.
            Download: Bulletin 2008: R.P. Adams Refurbishment Program


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