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GP-22 Filters
GP-22-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-22-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-22-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-22-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter




GP-31 Filters
GP-31-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter  GP-31-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-31-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-31-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter




GP-47 Filters
GP-47-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter  GP-47-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-47-PC SS NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-47-PC SS NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-47-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-47-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter




GP-99 Filters
GP-99-PC ASME 100PSI Steam Filter  GP-99-PC ASME 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-99-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-99-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-99-PS ASME 150PSI Gas Filter GP-99-PS  ASME 300PSI Gas Filter
GP-99-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-99-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter





GP-132 Filters
GP-132-PC ASME 100PSI Steam Filter   GP-132-PC ASME 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-132-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-132-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-132-PS ASME 150PSI Gas Filter GP-132-PS ASME 300PSI Gas Filter
GP-132-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-132-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter





GP-283 Filters
GP-283-PC ASME 100PSI Steam Filter   GP-283-PC ASME 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-283-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-283-PC NC 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-283-PS ASME 150PSI Gas Filter GP-283-PS ASME 300PSI Gas Filter
GP-283-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter GP-283-PS NC 300PSI Gas Filter





GP-508 Filters
GP-508-PC ASME 100PSI Steam Filter   GP-508-PC ASME 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-508-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-508-PC SS 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-508-PS ASME 150PSI Gas Filter GP-508-PS ASME 300PSI Gas Filter
GP-508-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter  





GP-1527 Filters
GP-1527-PC ASME 100PSI Steam Filter   GP-1527-PC ASME 200PSI Steam Filter
GP-1527-PC NC 100PSI Steam Filter GP-1527-PS ASME 150PSI Gas Filter
GP-1527-PS ASME 300PSI Gas Filter GP-1527-PS NC 150PSI Gas Filter





Company Information

Adams SFC, inc. DBA R.P. Adams,
225 East Park Drive,
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Tel: (716) 877-2608
Fax: (716) 877-9385
Toll Free: 1-800 896-8869

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