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R.P. Adams was incorporated in 1937.  The first product introduced was the TR series air filters with ceramic elements. The TR filters evolved over time and became our current line of GP filters for Air, Gas, and Steam. R.P. Adams added a number of products in its early years that evolved into many of our current products, including aftercoolers, heat exchangers, cyclone separators, and liquid filters. Over many years of supplying water cooled heat exchangers it became evident that contaminants in the cooling water used in heat exchangers caused fouling and maintenance problems for our customers. So R.P. Adams developed and patented the first multi-element automatic strainer in the United States. The Automatic Water Strainer (AWS) patent was awarded in 1965. The original AWS design was improved within a few years and replaced by the H/VWS line of automatic water strainers. R.P. Adams also developed and patented the Economat reheat system. R.P. Adams has innovated and manufactured a wide range of filtration and heat transfer products for over 75 years.

Company Information

Adams SFC, inc. DBA R.P. Adams,
225 East Park Drive,
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Tel: (716) 877-2608
Fax: (716) 877-9385
Toll Free: 1-800 896-8869

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